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Vaccine FAQ

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What should I do if I forgot to go back to the nurse for the next dose?

If you realize that you have missed a vaccination, take your child to the clinic as soon as possible.

Does my child need MR vaccine if she already suffered from measles?

It is not always easy to recognize measles. To be safe, take your child for vaccination even if you think she may already have had measles.

What should I do if I have lost my child’s vaccination record?

Go to the nurse or health centre where your daughter received her vaccinations and ask for a new card. If the nurse has recorded your daughter’s vaccination, she may certify which ones were given and enter them in the vaccination card.

What should I do if I suspect my child has measles?

If you suspect that your child has measles, you must take her to a nurse or doctor for examination. Avoid contact with other children, particularly with infants who have not yet been vaccinated.

What should I do if my child is already one year old and has not received the measles vaccine?

There is no age limit for measles vaccine. If your child is more than 12 months old and has not yet received the 1st dose of measles vaccine, you should take her to a health center for vaccination.

What should I do if a child in my village suddenly becomes paralyzed in one or both legs?

Sudden onset of paralysis in a leg can be polio. A child that develops paralysis in one or both legs must be examined by a nurse or doctor as soon as possible.

What should I do if a new-born child in my village stops breastfeeding and goes stiff every time she is touched?

A new-born child who stops breastfeeding and goes stiff in the body when touched is very sick and must get to hospital as soon as possible. The same is true for a newborn child who stops breastfeeding and just sleeps all the time.

Should my child get vaccinated if he/she is sick?

Ask the doctor or nurse. If your doctor or nurse says it is okay, then the child can get vaccinated. Mild sickness should not prevent the child from being vaccinated.

I thought vaccines were for babies and young children only. Why do adolescents need vaccines?

As children grow older, immunity (protection from disease) wanes . Booster shots are given to provide more protection or to guard against other diseases.

Do children need vaccinated against diseases that no longer exist?

The diseases may not be visibly circulating in your country but diseases have no boundaries. Your child should still be protected.

If I keep a clean home, must I still vaccinate my children?

Diseases spread in different ways, through droplets in air and touching surfaces. Although your house is clean, your child is still vulnerable to infection and must be protected. Immunization and regular hand washing are key to safeguarding your child

My grandfather was not vaccinated, and he lived to 100 years. Is there a need for vaccination?

Your grandfather is lucky. Many people got sick and others were left with lifelong disabilities. Do not take chances. Prevention is better than treatment.

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