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How do I protect my daughters from cervical cancer later in life?

Cervical cancer is preventable. Early cervical screening for women can help find cancer when it can be treated. HPV vaccination of girls stops cervical cancer from developing.

Vaccination against HPV is effective when its administered before a person is infected.

In countries where most girls are vaccinated against HPV infection, there has been a strong reduction in HPV infections and early stages of cervical cancer.

The Ministry of Health recommends that all girls aged 10 years in the Kenya should be vaccinated with 2 doses of HPV vaccines.

You can protect your daughter from developing cervical cancer later in life and help make sure that she has a happy and healthy future!

Today, you can talk to your wife/husband and daughters about preventing cervical cancer. :

Protect women from cervical cancer! Make sure all girls in Kenya aged 10 years get two doses of the HPV vaccine!

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