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How often will I get my periods?

The menstruation cycle is a series of natural processes that girls and women go through to prepare for pregnancy. Natural substances produced in your body called hormones, control your period’s timing and go up and down depending on where you are in your cycle.

Menstrual Cycle

Most menstrual cycles last around 28 days, but sometimes they’re shorter, even 21 days or longer, 35 days. It’s important to remember that, as with most things, all bodies are a bit different and so is the length of their cycle.

Let's discuss your menstrual timeline:

Like your cycle, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and its symptoms vary for everyone. Before or during your period, you may experience headaches, nausea, bloating, breast tenderness, and other bodily changes. You’re the best person to describe and predict these feelings. Always remember to take care of yourself.

The best way to track your cycle is to count from where it starts to when it next arrives.

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