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My period has started! What should I do?


This is my first period and I don’t know what to expect. What should I do first?


Your first period is the signal of a normal and natural transition for your body, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Since it’s your first time, tell a parent, older sibling, friend, or trusted teacher. They’ll be able to help get you the info and sanitary products that you need.


Sanitary products seem hard to use. How do I decide which one is right for me?


Don’t be intimidated. Sanitary products are improving over time, and they exist to make your life easier. Depending on the availability at your local chemist or supermarket, you’ll have a range of choices from a sanitary pad to a tampon, sanitary cup, or disposable and reusable cloth pads. You can try all of them and decide which is most comfortable for you or you can also use some combination of a few, depending on how heavy or light your period is on certain days.


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